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Every friday night there's a steady cloud of dust
that leads back to a field filled with pick-up trucks
got old Hank crankin' way up loud
got coolers in the back, tailgates down
there's a big fire burnin' but don't be alarmed
it's just country boys and girls gettin down on the farm

Ed's been on the tractor ain't seen Becky all week
somebody said they seen 'em headed down to the creek
farmer Johnson's daughter's just pulled up in a Jeep
man he knows how to grow 'em if you know what i mean
old Dave's gettin' loud but he don't mean harm
we're just country boys and girls gettin down on the farm

You can have a lotta fun in a New York minute
but there's some things you can't do inside those city limits
ain't no closin' time, ain't no cover charge
just country boys and girls gettin down on the farm

You can come as you are, there ain't no dress code
just some rural route rules that you need to know:
don't mess with the bull cause he can get real mean
don't forget to shut the gate, stay outta the beans
if it starts to rain then we'll just head to the barn
we're country boys and girls gettin' down on the farm


Let's get down y'all

Stay outta that hay

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