Tim McGraw - Renegade Lyrics

Artist: Tim McGraw Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on All I Want
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Baby, I go too fast too far
Let's get it straight now
The way things are
I'm not the white knight in your fantasy
But I could be your wildest dream

I might ride with the wind
I might follow the sun
I gotta go where I've never been
'Cause my heart beats to a different drum
It's just the way I was made
I'm a renegade
I'm a renegade

I get this feelin' that I should be gone
Somethin' keeps tellin' me to take you along
I got a Chevy with a big back seat
Climb on in
And take a chance on me


Don't even think about settlin' down
I ain't gonna hang my hat in no hometown


I'm a renegade
I'm a renegade

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