Tim McGraw - She's My Kind of Rain Lyrics

Artist: Tim McGraw Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Tim McGraw and The Dance Hall Doctors
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She's my kind of rain
Like love in a drunken sky
She's confetti falling down all night
She sits quietly there
Black water in a jar Says baby why you trembling like you are

So I wait
And I try
I confess like a child

She's my kind of rain
Like love from a drunken sky
Confetti falling down all night
She's my kind of rain

She's the sunset's shadow
She's like Rembrandt's light
She's the history that's made at night
She's my lost companion
She's my dreamin' tree
Together in this brief eternity

Summer days
Winter snow
She's all things to behold


So I wait
And I try
I confess all my crimes

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

She's my kind of rain
Ohhhhh rain on me
She's my kind of rain

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