Tim Wilson - Acid Country Lyrics

Artist: Tim Wilson Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on It's a Sorry World
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Mama made us listen to Pink Floyd and Floyd Cramer
We had three square meals of mushrooms and cornbread
Mama's kitchen smelled a lot like incense and cathead biscuits
We'd watch Porter and Dolly then throw on the Grateful Dead
Born and raised on acid country
Eating turnip greens and a handful of deputals
Daddy couldn't take it he had to go
You can't play Hendrix on a banjo
Mama Walked The Flood and laid another brick in The Wall
Our heroes were Roy Acuff and Abbey Hoffman
And we grew up outside of Woodstock, Tennessee
Listening to Faron Young and a side of Inagaddadivita
Mama made a well rounded outcast out of me
Born and raised on acid country
Eating cold hammocks and a handful of placidils
Daddy couldn't take it he had to go
Playing Alice Cooper on a dobro
Wearing leather hip pokers working in the cotton fields
And if you Don't eat your meat you can't have any pudding'
And son you're walking on the Fighting Side Of Me
Excuse me while I kiss this guy
I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die
Chet Atkins singing 'I want my MTV'
Born and raised on acid country
Making Smoke On Water sound a lot like Uncle Pen
Daddy couldn't take it he had to go
You can't mix Deep Purple and Bill Monroe
And Sunshine Of Your Love while yodeling

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