Time Again - Life on the Run Lyrics

Artist: Time Again Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on The Stories Are True
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It all started out when we were so young,
this life of confusion, this life on the run,
hate all those people that talk about their crimes,
but those fuckers have never done no time,
come on now let me tell you what I think,
sit right down let me pour you a drink,
I'm sick and tired of being along
So let's go back home.

Life on the run, where are we going.
We got the whole crew going.
Life on the run, where are we going.
And we're going to the showdown.

Back out and running and where will we go,
why does my life always have to be so,
broken and battered, I beat and I shake,
where and when did I make my mistake
and can I look back to that certain day,
maybe everything will be okay,
I'm sick and tired of being alone
So let's go back home.

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