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Story of that ole snake in the grass, called The Viper,
I was in my apartment all alone when I heard a ring tingling on the telly-phone,
I said "Who's that at half past three?" And a frightening voice came back at me!
"Sssssss! Ssssssss! I am The Viper! I'll sssee you in seven weekss"
My head was spinning and my knees were weak,
I could hardly stand on my own two feet!
Its next call got me out of bed,
Then how I flipped when that voice said,
"Sssssss! Ssssssss! I am The Viper! I'll see you in seven days"
I shook like Jell-O in a hurricane!
My heart was pounding like a Pullman train.
Again that voice upset me so,
Again I flipped as it said, "Oh, oh!"
"Sssssss! I am The Viper, I'll ssssee you in sssseven ssssecondsss!"
Now I'm certain that my time has come!
I can hear its knock; it's too late to run!
I know that I must let it in!
So wish me luck, 'cause things look grim!
"Ssssssssssss! I am The Viper!"
"Oh, why have you come?"
"I have come to vipe your vindows!"

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