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There are bridges on lifes highway,
but we never see them there.
Some cross troubled waters,
some don't go no where.
(Some you wouldn't step on if you were,
trying to save your soul.
One comes with a keeper,
when it's time to pay the toll.)
Some aren't ment to last forever,
some are made of stone.
Some are ment to cross together,
some you go alone.
(Some the slightest wind can send them,
crashing to the ground.
I set our bridge on fire,
but I could not burn it down.)

Here I am,
Praying for forgiveness
And I can see you
Standing on the other side
And here I go
(Here i go)
Baby it's a heavy load
(It's a heavy load)

[I have crossed some broken bridges in my time.]

(Now here I am)
Now here I am
(Praying for forgivness)
Praying for forgivness
(I can see you)
I can see you
(Standing on the otherside)
Standing on the otherside
(Here I go)
Now here I go
(Buddy it's a heavy load)
Baby it's a heavy load
(But I have crossed some broken bridges in my time)
Crossed some broken bridges in my time

[Yes, I have crossed some broken bridges in my time.]


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