Toby Keith - She's A Hottie Lyrics

Writer(s) : Toby Keith, Bobby Pinson
Artist: Toby Keith Lyrics
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She's sittin' by the water where the river gets wide,
Thinkin' 'bout swimming to the other side,
Got a "Malboro" red, and a can of cold "Bud"
Toes squished down in the Arkansas mud

Hey Mister! Yeah, I kissed her!
Son! You ought to see her sister!

Ya' gotta give a little something to a cold dog cat,
Finding him a woman who can shake like that,
Hottie! She's a hottie! Got a smokin' little body!
String bikini and a barbed-wire tat (tattoo)
She's a rockin' that cowboy hat !
Hottie! She's a hottie! and just a little bit naughty!

Ki yi diggy diggy, ki yi diggy diggy, yey hey hey hey hey...

She's slidin' down the dam
Where the moss gets thick,
A yellin' "YeeHaw!" she's a red-neck chick,
Spittin' in the fire, puttin' on a show, struttin like a chicken to the radio,
Hey Slick ! She's a hick !!!
Mmmm in her buttermilk lipstick


Singing ki yi diggy diggy,
Ki yi diggy diggy, yey hey hey hey hey...

Dressed her up boys, I took her from the farm,
I brought her downtown, I hung her on my arm,


Ki yi diggy diggy, ki yi diggy diggy, yey
Singing ki yi diggy diggy, ki yi diggy diggy
Yey hey hey hey hey...

[Instrumental music]

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