Tom Cochrane - Deep Breath Lyrics

Artist: Tom Cochrane Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on No Stranger
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Give you everything that you deserve
I'd give you all you need
If I had it all to give.
And i'd protect you when you fall if only that was all that you need.
But i need to tell you, that you that you know how beautiful you are
Keep you from the dangers in the dark
Don't you know let it go take a deep breath
And you know that your beautiful
And thats the truth have I told you that much lately?
When those the voices get in your head ,your worried about all thats said
And you give it all again and again
Then you wonder why your misunderstood
When you give it all sometiems i wish you would hold a little back
Dont let them at you just take a deep breath
Thats what i said, then you lay awake and wonder how it is
You cant take a part everything you did
You know its true im head over heals
Take a deep breath
Thats what i said
Take a deep breath
Its not like old days

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