Tom Cochrane - Napoleon Sheds His Skin Lyrics

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Album: Track 8 on Songs of a Circling Spirit
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The streets are covered in chalk
The shops are boarded up
The bodies are carried back down from the square

He begins to wonder
If it always was this hot
Or is it just the clothes
That he now wears

Napoleon sheds his skin
In the summer when the sun is high
He never knows when to quit
When to stop...
Or when to say die

Pick the bones, get a tan
Or wander
She would not have left him anyway
Wait by the sea, wait in the sun
As if the time
Stood still
Did he get involved
In whichever side
That paid


...And time stands still behind
The distant gates
Time moves on outside in the sun
Then he wonders which side he's really on

Then he doesn't care,
It's so grey in there
He just wants to get back to her...


She waits for him by the wharf
By the sea where they used to go
She sings a song that they'd sing
Then waits for the echo...

Sheds his skin
Sheds his skin
Sheds his skin

I've got to get out of here
Can she save me
I've got to get out of here
Can she save me
I've got to get out of here...
Can you hear me...

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