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Im gon put it out there.
Lay it on the line
And even if it breaks my heart
I'm givin it a try.
Not waitin for tomorrow
Confessin it today
So baby here it goes
I'm out of time, its do or die.

I want to be your baby
Wont you be my man
I want to be your soldier
When your to weak to stand.
And I wanna be your baby
Be the end of your day
Forever in your life
Forever by your side.
Forever I'll stay.

verse 2
I'm hanging on a frail cliff
I dont care if i fall
But I'm gonna fall
Even though I dont know if you feelin me at all
I'm ready to be right or wrong with you(oh)
I'm ready for my heart to win or lose. I'm ready to give all i've got
To you
Boy I want you to know


So I'm saying I love you
Aint holding nothing back now
And I'm saying I want you
I hope you don't mind that (hope you don't mind that)
And I'll wait on youu forever
And I promise that oh baby cuz i love you ooohh i love u ooooo


Let me be yours tonight, yeaah (let me be yours tonight)
Let me be your baby if only for the night
Let me be yours tonight, let me be yours
Let me be yours (let me be yours cause I gotta be yours tonite)
Let me be yours tonight, let me be yours
Oh baby let me be by your side tonight
I wanna be your baby
Wont you be my man
I wanna be your solider
When your too weak to stand

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