Toni Braxton - Please Lyrics

Writer(s) : Storch, Scott Spencer / Herbert, Vincent J / Houff, Kameron / Riddick, Makeba Ronnie
Artist: Toni Braxton Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Libra
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I know you watch all over here
Tryin' to find a way to
Come into my situation
But you should know this
It's all good, so be cool
Tell your girl I don't care to fight
I got him locked and he's all mine
So you should know better than
To think that you could ever
Put it down like I can

If he needs good lovin' (I got it)
If I need to heat it up (I got fire)
Make sure I'm the best (for him) for (sure)
He's running home to me for it
And he knows
Whatever he wants (that I'm with it)
And he knows
The perfect place (to come get it)
And he knows that every woman's in me
Fall back and just let me be

I gots to breathe (uh oh, uh oh, uh oh) please
Back up off me
I gots to breathe and just be
Breathe, please
In case y'all didn't hear me, yeah, yeah
I gots to breathe
So let me breathe, please

You're in violation
Let me help you understand
Before we have a problem
I could take it there
When it comes to my man
Please, don't let me solve 'em
Every day is a holiday
Every day's our anniversary
You should think about the time you waste
'Cause my last name ain't gonna change


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