Droppin' Funky Verses Lyrics

Tony D

album: Track 7 in album Droppin' Funky Verses
release date: 1991-7-1
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Conscious
length: 4:04

Cover Art

Tony D Droppin' Funky Verses cover art
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Another Two-Tone production's most definitely in there for the 90's
Y'knowhatI'msayin? Gotta keep it raw, cause that is most definitely..
[scratched: "the way it should be"]
Yeah, y'knowhatI'msayin? Do it like this - wonderfully done
[Tony D]
One, more, time I come again with the style and the fashion
It seems to me that some lost their passion
to create, a new level in your rhymin
Make your rap, like a mountain, and proceed to start climbin
Higher and higher, reachin the peakin (of perfection)
So damn high no one can break my concentration
Stabbin and jabbin a rhyme into your membrane
Put you in an institution for the mentally insane
Cause you're crazy, lazy, definitely not the one that pays me
And shit like that, seem to never ever faze me
Never offended because I stay on the offensive
Expensive extensive, never reprehensive
Take back, make that wack rap stay wack
Feedback you hack, is nothin but four clap
And on to the break of dawn of daylight's crack
And in case you're wonderin Troy "got my BACK!"
And I got the front covered with the thickness and the quickness
Like a bubonic plague, it's a SERIOUS sickness
for me to cut you up and make you bleed in need of nurses
Cause one must agree I do be droppin funky verses
[Chorus: x4]
[KRS-One] "Funky funky funky funky funky hit records"
[scratched: "droppin funky verses"]
[Tony D]
I do be droppin funky verses nailin suckers with a hammer
But before, I continue I will check with my programmer
See cause suckers are like [??] loves us
And in case you didn't know by the shit is.. "funky enough"
[Interlude: x4]
["won't stop rockin" - Run-D.M.C."]
[scratched: "funky enough"]
[Tony D]
Funky enough, so get your hand off the rewind button
Huffin and puffin but suckers ain't sayin NOTHIN
Talkin and sqwakin, like a bird you do be chirpin
When I'm droppin funky verses it seems feelings I be hurtin
Breakin your teeth off into pieces of a puzzle
Your mouth was open, so I shut it with a muzzle
Rappers come in limos and they leave in hearses
"think about it" - cause I be droppin funky verses
[Tony D]
I do be droppin funky verses never holdin them inside
I'm releasin when I'm speakin form is perfectly in stride
For the 90's with the [?] with the speed with the agility
Of course on the two turntables Troy has the ability
to slice and dice and chop and grind whatever's on the menu
Cuttin shit up, like an oriental ginnsu
knife slicin dicin choppin wait a minute
"Freeze!" Troy Wonder "if you please"
Drop the beat and let me rock it acapella
Make it clear so they can hear me tell a
gathering of people exactly what's on my mind
You have to be creative in a song (what) when you rhyme
Not just another rap and then a dull-ass hook
It gets, kind of repetitious if you stop and take a look
in the mirror it'd be clearer if you'd practice your rehearses
And stop sellin out, keep on droppin funky verses

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