I Know Who I Am Lyrics

Tony D

album: Track 11 in album Droppin' Funky Verses
release date: 1991-7-1
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Conscious
length: 4:16

Cover Art

Tony D Droppin' Funky Verses cover art
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[MC Lyte: scratched] "I know who I am"
[Tony D]
I know who I am, and you can clearly see this
Somebody else there's no reason to be this
type of person, but you say what the heck?
.. and get no respect
Wearin sideburns that went out with Elvis
Thinkin you got soul just by pumpin your pelvis
Think again, you need to get out the basement
Cause to me you're just another replacement
+New+ hyped up +Kids on the Block+, actin delerious
But rap's not a joke my brother, get serious
Suckers, yeah, we can surely pay 'em
if they act like the Beastie Boys until the A.M.
Step my way and I'ma school you like college
+Nice+ no longer, so +Serch+ for knowledge
Thinkin you know somethin about, what you know nothin about
.. so I'm takin you out
To the Apollo, remember, footsteps you follow
of another man, whose head is hollow
Do for you and I'ma do for me
That's the plan - I know who I am
[MC Lyte: scratched] "I know who I am"
"but we are who we are"
[Tony D]
Black is black, and white is white
There's no changin, or rearrangin
this subject, cause that's the way it has to be
I'm fillin my mind up to capacity
with knowledge of self I know who I am
I'm not down with the kiss-ass program
I say what I want, cold do what I want
It's my prerogative, as long as I'm positive
But sometimes a nasty wants to step with the oppression
Which becomes, quite costly, in other words expensive
and extensive to your health so I wouldn't recommend this
Damage, could be tremendous
So forget it be yourself, stop worryin about what Tone done
You got to +3rd Bass+, I hit the home run
Damn! I meant to say the grand slam
cause I know who I am
[MC Lyte: scratched] "I know who I am"
"but we are who we are"
[Tony D]
While I'm smilin on Island you're not peakin you be speakin
the weakened stuff, so I'm callin your bluff
with an extension, this I'd like to mention
The capital city where I'm from we call Trenton
NJ, then say where
A question, but here's a suggestion
Look on the map because I'm done givin information
about my jam(?) until he switched the story
And continue with the verbal assault
An onslaught, for this time I fought
You got caught, with your mouth hangin open now you're hopin
.. that Tone be like not dopin
But I am and you can't understand I know who I am
The caucausian complexion of a tan man
And, if you are what you eat, I be fish and meat
and lotsa pasta hold the swine but not the lobster
cause I gotta, watch my cholesterol
And prove to y'all who's the best of all MC's
and make you understand.. I know who I am
[MC Lyte: scratched] "I know who I am"
"but we are who we are"
[Tony D]
Yo just a reminder that umm
y'know, the man with the, the minus sign behind his name
had a good saying - be yourself or you might find yourself by yourself

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