Shoe Polish Lyrics

Tony D

album: Track 13 in album Droppin' Funky Verses
release date: 1991-7-1
popularity : 4 users have visited this page.
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Conscious
length: 3:48

Cover Art

Tony D Droppin' Funky Verses cover art
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Yo, my labelmate Bob Marley, step to 'em!
Thanks Fats!
And now, the outrageous contagious
Stupendous tremendous Tony D (do it!)
[Tony D]
Enter with the swing, bada boom bada bing
It's a Tony D raw type of hype type of thing
Not attackin or killer birds (worrrrd)
Wearin glasses like "Revenge of the Nerds"
You need to, look at yourself in the mirror (in the mirror)
But wait, let me make the picture clearer
for you no-soul havin, knowledge of self braggin
perpetrating (?) wearin who had to pay for your backin
Three G's a-piece just to appear on your video
That all gets recouped from your royalties y'know
So yo, be yourself, don't make me abolish
(What?) "Oh shit!" Your shoe polish
["Tony D's an inspiration.. and his name is Tony D"]
["Tony D's an inspiration.. Tony D'll put you down on the scoop"]
[Tony D]
Snakes never last so make your funny face
+3rd+ who? (Who?!) I'm gonna put you in your place
Puttin down your own people that's a pretty low level
Whoever gave you knowledge must be wrong
Fulfilled in what the devil SELF-TAUGHT
Everything I have is self-learned (TRUE!) In other words, earned
When I stepped to CBS, yo, they was with it
They said, "You got another white rapper?" I said, "Quit it!"
I'm not gonna give you suckers what you want
A replacement for the group that you love to flaunt
Outspoken drug users drinkin beer on stage
(Nahh) Now they got you another Beast in the cage
["Tony D's an inspiration.. and his name is Tony D"]
["Tony D's an inspiration.. Tony D could be an MC too"]
[Tony D]
Gettin back to the painting (the painting) I mean the paintbrush
Shoe polish, in other words you ain't much
of a rhyme more like a two-timer (two-timer)
And for your partner he's a good jock climber
Climbin my tree like he was Paul Bunyan
If I'm an avocado does that make you an onion?
If you're not yourself, does that make you a different person?
Nahhh, it makes the situation worse
and so conduct yourself, in a PROPER manner (in a proper manner)
And put away the pucker up banner (BANNER)
Your self-imposed status, I have to abolish
along with your image of the shoe polish
["Tony D's an inspiration.. and his name is Tony D"]
["Tony D's an inspiration.. and his name is Tony D"]
["Tony D'll put you down on the scoop"]
["Tony D'll put you down on the scoop"]
[Tony D]
In the shoe polish, you take a bath
You gotta learn your history before you conquer math
You rub it on your body thinkin you'll get knowledge
But you get an education from school and college (word!)
A teacher might have you taught you right, but you've learned wrong
It shows within the writing of your song
Your product's so weak you formed a negative image
But yo (SUCKER!) Life's not a scrimmage
You act far from simonized like you was magic
"Oh shit!" But the outcome may be tragic
You'll have to wait a couple of years to retaliate
While I abolish your image I call the shoe polish
["Tony D's an inspiration.. and his name is Tony D"]
["Tony D's an inspiration.. and his name is Tony D"]
["Tony D's an inspiration.."]
["Tony D's an inspiration.."]
[Tony D]
Yeah you weak and wack MC wannabe somethin that you're not
Warlock reject, Def Jam had you on ice for three years
until they needed another replacement for the Beastie Boys
Now they got you sucker!
Yeah, you hold the mic like an ice cream cone Mr. Softee
Marshmellow head buttercup MC
Yo you'll never get with Tony D
That's why Chuck wouldn't go on tour with you devil
Yo, and what's up with your dancers?
Don't ever take the name of a prophet and misuse it in any way
Even Tony D knows that, you sucker!
And now I'm out of here for the 90's
Later - wussssy!

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