Stop Racism Lyrics

Tony D

album: Track 12 in album Droppin' Funky Verses
release date: 1991-7-1
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Conscious
length: 4:19

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[Tony D]
Style within yes, there is no goal too grim
I teach the way yo, to match the color of my skin
So get it right y'all, my family had to organize
Comin over on a boat you see they had to realize
that they were one yes, in a nation of so many
Nationalities of people, knowledge we had plenty
as an equal, but still some considered us an outcast
Names like guinea and wop, is what was used in the past
to describe us nonetheless we kept our head up
Knowin in the future we shall all drink from the same cup
Unity is what I'm strivin for G, so let it be
Ebony and ivory in our community in harmony
Livin, perfectly together as a whole
From the bottom of South Africa to the North Pole
When I look at a human you can say I'm color blind
Cause I see them with my eyes but I judge them with my mind
Stop racism
[Tony D]
Hardheaded individuals say media blow up
is the cause of all racism, it's mentally throw up
So grow up and learn that the problem exists
Like Markie said, we gotta unball our fists
and put away the bats and throw away the knives
and get rid of the guns, that can hurt the lives
of our children, you see I pray for the future
It was once quoted, to let knowledge uproot ya
To build as one, and elevate and keep climbin
Stop racism, the cause that I'm rhymin
I can't wait for the twenty-first century
It's gotta happen now, cause that's the way it's meant to be
But you say how, can we do this you gotta put your mind to it
And know like Bo and just run right through it
My conclusion to the topic will be racism MUST end
Apartheid you're THROUGH with the message I send
Stop racism
[Tony D]
There's a handful of people I'm unable to reach
It's like tryin to find a certain grain of sand on the beach
A few friends of mine said it's a worthless cause
Like Run-D.M.C., it'll only "Pause"
and keep goin, some people will remain prejudiced
It's my job to make 'em see through the fog in their midst
Would it suffice this is the church, and this is the steeple
There's many religions, but there's only two people
That's man and woman, and woman and man
And if I can I'ma make 'em understand
That twenty years after Martin Luther King
It's still the same 'ol thing
We fed the world, and saved the farms
We even greeted the homeless with open arms
But when it comes to racism and apartheid
The people run away and try to hide
That's not the answer, the problem can be solved by you
I'm doin mine, now what you gonna do?
Stop racism
[Tony D]
Yo, the message I send is racism MUST end
Not only in South Africa but here in the U.S.
and everywhere else in the country in the world
on the planet for that matter y'knahmsayin?
Blacks and whites, reds, greens, yellows, oranges
Everybody must live, AS ONE, as man is supposed to be
And from Tony D, I'm outta here, harmony for the 90'

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