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Shit was all good just a week ago
Two bodys in that trap, I heard that bitch ... could know
Let the ...fall for burn slow
Rufus killers 'aint here for your soul
...treat you so could homie
Niggas wanna beat a roll like ...
You know that strap old man
Go- good die young, die young, die young
They say they could die young
they could die young, die young
They say they could die young
Rest in peace the ...was here for ..
Couldn't shoot his body up and left his ...
'aint no telling by tomorow with that fancy life, trap life, traps get ...
In this beef you'll bring that .. back
Sure the seventeen got his .. out of snap bag
Another statistic to the cold street
Hard way to have what we fallow
And when we finelly get it you know we gonna tost it up
Blue ..., blue dream you know we gona smoked it up
I see you ..., i wish I can take back the fact that lonely ...
And I 'aint come to your funeral, 'aint come to see you
Was so real nigga , what it suppose we do
Right after, hight after, I kill just for you
Die young, die young, they say thay god die young
Good die young, die young
They say thay god die young

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