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Album: Track 1 on Pledge of Defiance
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BABYLON (time wasted by : I
take to the streets A
spread the word around M
politicians and preists H
are bringing us down O
they have a list L
of do's and don't T
they know all your Z
wills and won'ts @
of course that's the way o
that it's always been a
if it's not illegal k
then it's a sin .
gotta keep us in line g
with guilt r
looks as though we've finally built o
chorus: v
babylon e
send you to school .
where you're carefully taught i
then control your every thought u
saying give us money p
and we'll give you love .
send you all to heaven above e
teach you to be good d
and to be brought up strong u )
nobody taught me how to get along
stuff you full of things
just to fill your head
but it does no good
when you end up dead in
for an unseen god you start a war
burn a witch and kill the poor
I've had enough of telling lies
I've had enough of religious crimes
i don't need no reverend moon
i don't need no krishna too
no more kings will wear the crown
now it's time to tear down

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