Total Chaos - Suicide Mission Lyrics

Artist: Total Chaos Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Pledge of Defiance
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it's time to die for the one-way system
here's helmet, grab a gun
killing the enemy's lots of fun
load you down with patriotism
and send you out on a suicide mission
you believe the shit they stick in your head
it's your own damn fault you wind up dead

don't want to die for the one-way system
or want to live there no more
don't want to go on a suicide mission
and die in some stupid war

the leaders get fat while good men die
because nationalism's a fucking lie
the war machines they think they need
are never enough to fuel their greed
conquering armies kill the poor
it's mankind's fault he invented war

the death toll soars
a horrible vision
children dying for a backwards system
nothing good comes out of war
just the profits of the capitalist whore

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