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Album: Track 4 on Total Touch
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I will never dedicate my love to somebody else's lover
Just didn't wanna hear your lies, but first I had to discover
I forgot to look in your eyes and now I have to suffer
No, I will never ever fall in love with somebody else's lover

Somebody help me
Somebody teach me
Somebody tell me what to do
How should I handle you
I may be heartless
To feel so endearious
I've given the matter you come to,
The reason and know for sure that


Why did you deceive me
You say you didn't want to hurt me
But why then did you hold me tight
You knew it would break me
Why is it that I've chosen the wrong way
Which then brought me to you
But now that I've been there
I should have know better and


I will never never give my soul to somebody else's lover
How could I believe it, fallen for your lies
I know for sure that I will look in your eyes
More than a moment
I will ignore my deepest feelings inside

No I will never
(Dedicate my love to somebody else's lover)
Just didn't believe in your lies
(But first I had to discover)
Forgot to look in your eyes
And now I have to whoaoaoa
(No, I will never ever fall in love with somebody else's lover)
(Somebody else's lover (3x))
Somebody else's lover

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