Tourniquet - Crank the Knife Lyrics

Artist: Tourniquet Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Crawl to China
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[Words: Luke Easter, Music: Aaron Guerra]

Distance makes my heart to fester
In self inflicted pain
If I can't face the consequences of my actions
I'll find someone else to blame

I greet you with a brothers kiss
And crank the knife another...twist

Twisting fates to fit the fabrications of my mind
I find I've crossed the line
No matter what the cost I must be right

I greet you with a brothers kiss
And crank the knife another twist

Pointing to things that don't exist
I crank the knife with another...

[Solo: Aaron]

Alone among the ashes of the things
Which once defined my lifeI hold that match which lit the fire
But you'll never see me take the blame...

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