Tourniquet - Healing Waters of the Tigris Lyrics

Artist: Tourniquet Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Where Moth and Rust Destroy
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Bringing life and death, transporting friend and foe

To build their cities by its banks the hopeful people chose
Fortify the walls - the fortress grows
Secure within the confiness of the stone
But what awaited them they couldn't have known

Healing waters of the Tigris
Ever flowing and all knowing
Healing waters of the Tigis
Washing over me

612 BC the Tigris floods and builds in turbulence
Pagan land of Nineveh - self-righteous over confidence
The rising torrent crushed stone and the courses on it's way

God's judgment on that fatedful day - a terrible price to pay
The greatest city of all - Nineveh - with a towering city walls
The awesome power of the swollen river Tigris - caused that massive city to fall

Healing waters of the Tigris
Ever flowing and all knowing
Living water of Jehovah
Balm of Gilead

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