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[Verse 1:]
Well I've seen things quite amazing
As I've traveled around this land
The grand canyon to niagra falls
And miles of desert sand
They may be awe inspiring
And make folks stop and stare
But I know a place not far from here
Where they cant don’t compare

Truck stop casino strip club bingo
Hookah and sushi bar
Pawn shop laundry mat drive right up get married in your car
If you find yourself about 45 min just southeast of dallas
Just stop on in and make yourself at home
Right here at cecils palace

[Verse 2:]
Mud wrestlin' on the weekends
While your sittin' at the bar
You can order food get a new tattoo
Get drunk and watch nascar
Theres somethin' for all ages
Hard liquor and soft ice cream
Get half priced rooms on weekdays
At the buffet kids eat free


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