Tracy Lawrence Other Side Of 35 Lyrics

Artist: Tracy Lawrence
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I can still see mama clear as day
Lookin’ in the mirror countin’ the grey
Rantin’ and ravin’ about pushin’ 40 and the laws of gravity

It was hard for me to wrap my mind
Around anything other than Friday night
My world was girls and cars and beer
And hank at 17

And the other side of 35 was a spot ‘cross the state route road
It was a nowhere no rules no easy way to get to
Hang where we’d all go
there was no place else we’d rather be
We were young, we were cool, we were wild and free
Having the time of our lives
On the other side of 35

Never thought of growing up back then
But 20 came and 30 went
And 35 turned into more than a sign on an overpass
And it’s a lot years from 17
But it ain’t as old as it used to seem
When life was whiskey bent and hell bound screamin’ through the dash

[Repeat chorus]

Well now it ain’t there
And I ain’t there no more
But that’s ok cause that’s what a memory’s for

[Repeat chorus]

And now I’m havin’ the time of my life
Here on the other side
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