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Artist: Trae Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Restless
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Yeah, real talk for my *****z on the block
I been wrecking for a second, but I promised that I wouldn't stop
I been in it with my *****z, for a long time
But they gotta give it to me, cause they know I wouldn't drop
Same *****, with the flow
Same ***** that'll spin a *****'s *** up, throw his *** in the trunk
I'm a representative, for the *******s
Try to run up on me, I'll teach a ***** how to stunt
Southwest, you better get your hands up
'Fore I send a wave of *****z, that'll hit your man's up
While you wanna-be thugs, better pull your pants up
Then the ****, hit the fan
Then I ****, your fans up
These *****z, really got a ***** ****ed up
Hating ************s, I'll show you what the beef is
Show you *****z how to lose teeth, keep running off at the mouth
And I can show you *****z, what the sleep is
Better give it up, when you hear the name Trae
When I hit the block in black, your *** better pray
Tell the five in the hood, I don't play
And I got more *****z, in the slugs
In the tip, of a K
And I run with the see's, and the be's on the block
And the G's, and few B.D.'s on the block
And I kept it real, so I got the keys to the block
I'm a gangsta, they don't make these on the block
I'll put it on the pack, and I'll ride for it first
***** jump, gonna be the first ***** that'll slide for it
They don't wanna see me in a zone, when I try for it
Any real *****, stand up and get an eye for it
Cause I'm oh so real, though homie
And I'm next in the line, finna show the world what it was
H-Town, till the death
Intuition of a ***** named Pac, finna let it rain for the thugs

Somebody better give me the crown, these *****z out of line
And I see, I gotta put 'em in they place
Everyday it be the same old ****, I gotta click on a *****
I don't really, wanna pay another case
Whey they *****z wanna try a *****, like a ***** soft than a *****
I'll lean on a *****, like Boss on a switch
Better chill, 'fore I get to going off on a *****
Lace the Nike's, and break a ***** jaw in this *****
Everybody, wanna know about the South
But I promise, you *****z'll wanna take another route
A.B.N., fin to hit a *****'s *** in the drought
In the town right now, (no doubt)
If you got a problem with Trae, let's get it on
Iggy on lock, so I'm back in a zone still packing the chrome
I was late for the hood, so I'm bad to the bone
Since I roll on the block, it's half of the bone
**** just got wrong, you can hear it in my tone
(I'm pissed), but I'm still moving along
Yeah Jay?Ton, still grooving along
So the *****z in the blue, got love for the Home
For the H, and the West state
I"ll put it on a *****, in the worst way
That'll be your worst day, and I put it on Trae
************s better get in a line, or the dirt where you gon lay
This right here, for my ***** named Nick
In a hospital bed, half gone
I'll run up on a ***** *****, who that out that shout out
Feel I gotta hit his ***, with the chrome
Nothing less, are-E-S-T-L-E double S
Stress, got a ***** on amp
So I got mob for life, like 24/7
And I promise, I'm about to be the champ

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