Train - Breakfast in Bed Lyrics

Writer(s) : Monahan, Pat / Underwood, Scott Michael
Artist: Train Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Save Me, San Francisco
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California, dancin' in the ocean
How I love you
Better wear some lotion
Sun is always shinin'
No one compares to you

Sittin' here baby
Young and like a flower
How I want you
Gimme just an hour
You seem like an angel
No one compares to you

You're the best book I ever read
You're the smartest thing I ever said
You're breakfast in bed

When in no way
You can do me more ways
Than any other
You treat me like you love me
Like a mother loves her baby
Baby do I do it for you
Oh, 'cause all I ever wanted baby
Baby was to do it for you

You're the best dream in my head
You're my calm thought when I see red
You're better than punk rock red
You're breakfast in bed
You're breakfast in bed
You're breakfast in bed

Wanna please you
Wanna Japanese you
How I need you
Dress you up and feed you
Love you like a daddy loves his baby
Baby do it for me

You're the fastest race I ever led
You're the finest bride I'll ever wed
You're the skin I never wanna shed
You're breakfast in bed
You're breakfast in bed
You're breakfast in bed

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