Trespassers William - Washes Away Lyrics

Artist: Trespassers William Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Anchor
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I can laugh at this dream /and if I drown I'll wake in the morning /this is liquid love in a plastic cup /and if it leaks we can plug it right back up/pain is a rain that washes away/I'm a fabric you can't stain /to make light of you is all that I have/so understand me if I laugh/you were sleeping /and your eyes they were gone for a while /you were screaming /and I searched for the lines of your smile/this is peace and I know 'cause I'm too tired to cry/I'll never get close to you and I'm just too distracted to try/pain is a rain that washes away /I'm a fabric you can't stain/to fall into this is not what I want /so understand me if I don't /love is a glove that just doesn't fit /no matter how you pull at it /to make light of you /is all that I have /so understand me if I laugh /it is late I won't ask you to stay or to stroke/I have never gotten warm from you huddling close/if you danced I might take you right up in my arms/but you don't /so I whisper this is all /this is all all

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