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Album: Track 1 on Bad Luck
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I was watching her sleep
I was watching her breathe
I was watching her dream
I hoped she was dreaming of me...

The room was stale and sodden
It's 85 in Autumn
I thought it was hot in here
But it's hot outside
And I thought about my problems
Everybody wants to solve them
But problems are problems
And these problems are mine

Then I think about time...
I have time, right? Right? Right?

Ben crossed the street just a little too late
So he's gone and I accept that it's fate
It's just fate, what's so great about fate?
Don't get me started on fate.

I saw Ben
In a dream last night
I asked about heaven and he said "Heaven's alright."
Of course it is man
You're still sharp as a knife!
I asked about heaven
And he said "Heaven's just fine."
That's the tyranny,
That's the identity
Of time as a body fifteen feet in the air
All that concrete
Versus timing
What about destiny and Hollywood endings?

I'm not smashing any mirrors
I'm not walking under ladders
I'm not opening umbrellas
I'm not sparking with white lighters
It's just every time we try to meet
Liz was far away from me
In essence or by space
It took Ben
It took death
It took time

Yeah it took time.

I exhale my smoke towards the rotating fan
Liz wakes from her dream then she squeezes my hand
She says "Good morning."

Good morning!
You look so precious just dreaming of me!
She blinked and laughed me off...
She says "Boy if you knew I wasn't dreaming of you...
You are dreaming of me.
Still right now you imagine me say
These words right back at yourself."
Then I woke myself shaking from deja vu.

I saw Ben
I saw Her
I've got Luck
I've got Fate
I've got Time...

Bad dreams... It was like a bad dream woah.

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