Trophy Scars - Yes. Lyrics

Writer(s) : Jones, James Earl / Williams, Anthony Tonex / Holmes, Percell Black / Hudson, Kristin
Artist: Trophy Scars Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Alphabet. Alphabets.
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And I hope my insides pull apart
I've got some sorting I need to do, yeah
My friends all tell me to say yes
And I guess I'll try my very best, yeah
This city won't suck my broken veins
Even though my blood is bloody clean
My teeth are stuck inside my tongue
To keep my mouth from owning up
So much for my brilliant honesty
So no more complaining
And no more explaining
No more magic tricks and taps
You get what I'm saying?
I'm through with blaming all those biter trips and tracks
I want my toast with butter and jam
And I want to eat green eggs and ham
And I want to set this country straight
And I want to say up real real late
I'll let the street lamps light the way
To my indignant open grave
And I'll clap my hands and take a guess
My tombstone is marked with the word yes

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