Trouble - Born in a Prison Lyrics

Artist: Trouble Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Run to the Light
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Born m a prison
Where no one ever survives
A place with no visions o( truth
What a waste of human lives

We got to come together
We got to come together

We lost our wisdom
So we live in despair
Wake up it's never too late
To show me that you care

We go to come together
We go to come together

First you must learn how to love
Violence will only get you violence
There is no reason to kill
Only a reason to fight

We live in a prison
But they say we are free
I wonder who makes the rules
Are they so different from me

We lost our freedom
So what are we waiting for
Stand up for what you know is right
Let's not give up no more

We got to come together
We got to come together

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