Twelve Tribes - As Ghosts Are Given to Me Lyrics

Artist: Twelve Tribes Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on As Feathers to Flowers and Petals to Wings
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Psychotic whispering take me i'm yours once of a madman's last
Dance in her scent in the smell of neurotic ghouls she's panting to
The gods that kill her tossing turning my my so calm though the sky
Is falling living in the morning's dawn while dying when the
Evening's gone and drool apologies as we fuck goodbye i apologize
Under plummeting skies such insecurity is pleasing to me while
Dying and wishing this away stomach's pulled tighter lay strangled
In this skin of ours unlock the killer unto beautiful pain beauty in
Pains simplicity give into me giving to me these fifteen secrets kept
Beneath your fingertips and pleasure and flight deep bleeding yet
Willing to dress my blood in a demon's soft verse my lips filtering
Her fears such a sweet hallucinogen* i shut my eyes and your
Somehow closer to me the sky is falling but i'm still here she
Couldn't speak let alone breathe have you ever.. oh but at the
Same time who showed you this eidolon this blaspheme of an
Arcane ego i know you i am swallowing your pain i have licked your
Sweat and i am living again one last thing the beginning of a
Delusion grows thicker and more hateful and the further it goes it
Becomes harder then pounding and the pain it shows beneath the
Burns and the bruises and even below the passion and the
heartbeats they crash louder and it echoes into the oceans of
Insides carved helpless and hollow and it came to her in a dream
And she's hit by the sky as ghosts are given to me

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