Twista - 3 Minute Murder Lyrics

Artist: Twista Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on The Perfect Storm
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Twista's got skill
Yes I kill
I can ? on the gas
Like Buffalo Bill
I'll be putting in the game
Like the ******s from the South
If a ******'s talking ****
I'll but the head into the mouth
I'll make the ****** sink
Cause I got venin in my mouth
Kill them with the rap
Ain't hard with this beat
? sequence
I am independent
I got to charge you to beat this
******s can't see me
I'm Ray Charles on an Eclipse
Twista gonna get money
Like a
When it comes to flows
I'm gonna spit them like â?¦
When it comes to ******s' heads
I'm gonna split them like a
Cause my lyrics will be too good
To call me Twista ? eye
? ******s wanna get me
They'd better freak new ?
?somebody better will get you medicine
Twista I'm gonna get the issue relevant

Beat your face until it drops
And you look like an
Can nobody **** with me ?
? go check out my cargo
You know you're gonna be with me wherever my car goes

When it became a murder cause I'm off the block
? your hands up cause it's hip hop
I'd rather be rapping about the streets and making a ?
But it's time to do something so these shorties won't get pop
Meanwhile back to the lab
I got the ? equal
Your mother ****ing ? kills a lot of people
Show up on a ? let them know ? equal

I am the ****
I need to ware diapers
When I spit
Two thousand miles
Mother ****er

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