Twista Still Feels Good (feat. Jazze Pha) Lyrics

Artist: Twista
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(feat. Jazze Pha)
[Intro: Girl]
This goes out to all sides worldwide,
Let that playa ass nigga Twista be yo guide, as we go on a ride,
Hood to hood, chrome, leather, and wood,
And it feels so good...
One mornin' I...
Woke up next to a peanut butter and a caramel chick,
Feelin fucked up, flicked out, freaked on,
Thinkin' about my new truck with tha' deep dish,
Meanin' deep chrome, deep chrome, in tha deep dome,
After a massage and a mnage, we got in tha shower,
Let water trickle down tha crack of tha back of they booty,
Got out tha tub and went back to tha master bedroom,
One put on prada, one put on Ludi, I put on gucci,
Duty calls, I'm bout to hit tha scene and ball,
But before I leave I spray on some Itsimiaki,
Take my truck up to tha wash, put tha sparkle back on,
Wax on, wax off like Mr. Miagi,
Go to tha liquor store so I can get blunts, get Yak,
So I can sip some while I split one,
Chronicle enter ever pholical of my body,
Calmin' down every molecule, makin' sure I don't trip none,
Hit one...
Hop in tha' ride, come and kick it wit me,
So I can take you through tha' so-and-so hundred block,
And show you how my people be kickin' it in tha windy city,
I wanna show you where I hang out at, where we make our scratch,
While we sit on leather grippin' wood,
Where tha' hustla's got packs and tha G's got stacks,
And tha' pimps got lacks, rollin' through tha hood,
And it feels so good...
[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
And it feels so good,
Turnin' corners with my pinky man,
Through my hood,
Chokin' on a B and switchin' lanes is understood (understood...),
I'm a baller liv
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