Tyga - I Do It For The Ratchets (Remix) Lyrics

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“She holla”
Where the ballers at, ask me where the ballers at
Hut one, hut two, im the quarter back
Fuck a pretty bitch gotta let you have it
I don’t do this for the motherfucking rapping; I do this for the ratchets
I do it for the ratchets
I do it for the ratchets
I do it for the ratchets

Trap pussy, fuck her in a black hoodie
fuckin in the house, while her momma cookin
dem tacos bitch I need two mo’
knock the pussy out the park; Pujoles
Ass sumo , All gold two do’
Bitches wanna have my baby but this aint Juno
D’you know? I got the ratchet on me cause I’m too on
Now where I’m from, streets getting hotter than Tucson
Ratchet City welcome to the real fifties
creased Dickies, Nigga don’t be conversin with me
Brought the silks out, Niggas say I’m lookin Big-E
Pussy aint shit but a hold up make me richer, Shhh… HA!
Money in the mattress, Now its money in the mansion
I’m throwin money she dancing
I’m a motherfuckin G, Hella path for a bachelor
Ratchet; Hatin Niggas Hackin Ha Ha

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