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Artist: U.S. Bombs Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Back at the Laundromat
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Country, it ain't no tis of thee
Country, I'm proud to be ashamed
The sham of 69 gear'd up
for riots gainst police
the country is rippin at the seams

the Barbed wire bop
bomb shelters in backyards
Roller skating at the hop
Rebel Rock
love and peace was funny understandings just a crock

Country Woody Gunthrie took the lumps
Country, just a suitcase adn a thumb
Well if ya practice what ya preach
I heard irt makes ya smile
(the) country boys are frowning all the while

the Country,Country,the Country
Country! it won't stop ****ing me
the Country, will crush you with its feet
Country croneing and moaning a hymn
the Countryof regulations never bend

Rebel Rebel rock
Piece and love was funny
Understanding just a crock

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