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Artist: U.S. Bombs Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on War Birth
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Mackn with trish in the dark on the docks turn the ambulance sirens up emergency baby
I ain't one to wait I gonna get yer britches off any day now there gonna drop the bomb and were gonna be a bucket of bones we got an hour till day we got to go all the way and shoot the rockets in the rescue zone [chorus] roll over baby say hello daddy king adoption papers ready come to dixie a dysfunctional home hostage all alone old soup on yer apron babe ill lick it off I woke up to the alarm on my radio those AM airwaves all ways set me off the old men talk all day they talk about the same old things dirty sheets and a dirty hand full of blow thrift store opened and I gotta buy a pair of shoes gotta get her number and I'm gonna make a telephone call lets go splah some booze I want to drink it off you told me to get a barel(and ride it down niagra falls)

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