U.S. Bombs Don't Need You Lyrics

Artist: U.S. Bombs
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group, NETTWERK MUSIC GROUP
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Length: 1:59

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Don't need you [4x]
I don't get along with no one
I can't stand it when you try to help
I'm on the defense that's what wins
As what the hell ya lookn at don't NEED YOU
Here's the line so stay on yer side yer so sensative
Go play the smiths I like girls and you like all the boys
I can tell you got that kinda lisp don't NEED YOU
I don't need I don't [4x]
Don't need you don't ever call me sir & don't cal me MR.
Best you don't call yer ****n misserable
You you you I don't need you
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