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Artist: U.S. Bombs Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Back at the Laundromat
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I'll be the last to understand
While you were demoralized
God dammit times still on your side

A rolling stone no less the
Dischords on the side
Just add a star up in the sky

With Broken records broken spirits
We broke the bar we picked
Each other off the floor
We chased our shakes away
And scared em with a drink
Always a better man that I

That's why the saints were always marchin' in
Even when their was no luck in sight
So who's to know? when's our time to go
So kiss your kids and tuck em in good night

It'll be alright, its only life, I know yer
All Right its only life

Donnas guitar was your left arm
She's on the phone stood by your side
You did her right
Picnic in the park was everyones
Good night, your in the light your in the light

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