UB40 - Bling Bling Lyrics

Writer(s) : M'Kouboi, Housni / Campbell, Christy / Rotem, Jonathan
Artist: UB40 Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Who You Fighting For?
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Astro chatting........

Blingbling Yeh aweh mi samting
" " Emerald cut ring
" " Yeh aweh mi samting
" " Chapperita and ting
" " Yeh aweh mi samting
" " And the real cut bling
" " Yeh aweh mi samting
" " Chapperita and ting

Fifty man dead for this golden chain
each link forged by a poor mans claim
mined from below with sweat and fear
brought to a shine with a widows tear
fifty man dead for this diamond ring
dat take da shine off the cheap blingting
kinda mek you tink it no bonafide
fi wear souviners from de man dat died


Ali singing..........

If you really love me
then don't buy me a ring
diamonds and pearls
they don't mean anything
all that i want
is already here
sitting by my side
you've got nothing to fear


Fifty man dead for this golden band
underground with a pick in their hand
cutting dirt where the sun not shine
digging to survive in the mans gold mine
how many dead for this royal crown
this holy shrine we gather round
worship the dollar pon your hands and knees
humbled in the presence of your jewelery


Ali's bit

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