UB40 - The Day I Broke the Law Lyrics

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Album: Track 4 on Cover Up
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[Verse 1]
Tomorrow I´ll be coming home
I hope to find you all alone
With open arms to greet me at the door.
You cried as I was led away
It seems like only yesterday
But after all these years I can´t be sure

While I´ve been dreaming dreams of you
Not knowing what your going through
I prayed that you´d remember me
But I know life goes on you see
I broke your heart the day I broke the law

The man you know don´t hurt no more Verse 2
My tears were shed behind locked door
I´ve told myself your gone ten thousand times.
Still when it got to much too bear
I´d run my fingers through your hair
Your kissing lips were always on my mind.

(Repeat Chorus)
So yesterday they set me free Verse 3
They gave me back my liberty
They gave me something else I can´t ignore,
The chance to go back where I´m from
The chance to even call upon
My friends but they don´t live here anymore...

(Repeat Chorus)

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