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Album: Track 7 on No Heavy Petting / Lights Out
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Something going on at the corner of the block
Its the kids down there
They were starting to rock
High black fever running everyplace
When the Greek kid pulled a knife
And pushed it in his face
Some girl makes it with a lover in the door,
As the ambulance pulls away,
She cries out more

And it's all night long, all night long
On with the action
You need the fastest legs alive
On with the action
If you can't run you ain't survive
On with the action
Mamas boy and teachers pet,
On with the action
Its down our street, is it in yours yet

All the kids stand laughing
They never had such fun
Then someone cuts a blind man who just can't make a run
And the queen who's been standing behind the toilet door
His parents don't like boyfriends, call him a whore
But the ministers staring
With his Bible in his hand
Was this gods children, he didn't understand

[Chorus: x2]

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