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Album: Track 1 on The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent
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Jack of diamonds/ is a gambling man/ ["together were men"]
He played the tables /whenever he can/["while he can"]
Take some advice boy stay clean stay out of his way
Little jeannie is a dancing queen
/she's been/ ["she bounce 'n"] shaking it since she was sixteen
Skips across the tables acting out her passion play

It wasn't for money, it's only a chance
You take a gamble, got shot ["let's cut"] for romance

Chains, chains pulling you down
Chain of love that turns your world around
Chains chains pulling you down
Chain of love that turns your world around

Without a warning /jeannie took off/ ["she took off"] one night
Jack got so mean boy, he just had to fight
He died on the floor someone else evens the score
Back on the tables/ jeannie's romance had died/ ["she's roaming tonight"]
That one look of love that told her a lie
And for her there's no waves crashing on seashores

* repeat


Chains chains...chains chains...

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