UGK Murder Lyrics

Artist: UGK
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 4:18

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I'm still Pimp C, *****
So what the **** is up?
Puttin' powder on the street
'Cause I got big ****in' nuts
Comin' back from Lou-siana in a Fleetwood 'Lac
Out to serve them *****s some ****
To put they feet on they back.
Got the pounds from befo'
'Cause you know I jus' paid dues;
***** bought 30 from me, so I front him 42.
He gon' profit 700 times 62
24-8 is what I do, so, *****, **** what you do
If I tol' you cocaine numbers,
You would think I was lyin'
Young-*** *****s 22 is talkin' 'bout they retirin'
In the game, ain't a thing
Comin' foreign with Benz
Rich-*** home, 2 apartments where I entertain friends
Mo' bounce to the ounce,
'Cause the Bull Room the ****
I done got me 58 ounces
I done burdened this *****.
Tighten' up, no slack, *****
Checkin' my stock
Got some ? City *****s
Some I go rock-fuh-rock.
Jus' got back from California
Kicked it wit B-Legit
Put me down with purple chronic
And that hurricane ****
In the studio with Ton,
Man, I wish I could stay
I got ta holla at Master P 'cause we got money to make.
It went greater from the South stack Gs, man
Like ballas gotta stack big cheese, man.
*****, say you want a show?
You got nine grand?
I ain't rappin' ****, until my money in my hand.
South Texas, mutha****a, that's where I stay.
Gettin' money from yo' *****es, every goddamn day.
Big paper I'm foldin';
Hoes is on my mutha****in' jock for all this **** that I be holdin'
I hate clone me and show it,
Especially them fools that take our style
And act like my *****s don't know it.
Kick it with the trill *****s,
So, you best not trip
If you keep on poppin' ****,
My *****s empty a clip, ho-*** *****.

Murder, murder [Repeats]

[Bun B]
Well it's Bun B, *****,
And I'm the king of movin' chickens,
Not them finger lickins
Stickin' *****s that be trickin'
You need a swift kick in
Yo' *** is ripe for the pickin'.
Now, as my pockets thickin'
I be pickin' nickel, slickin'
You sick when I be clickin'
Now, take a look at the bigger ******,
Malt liquor swigger, playa hater, ditch digger
Figure my hair trigger, give a hot one to yo' liver
You shiver shake and quiver
I'm frivolous if a ***** get wetter than a river
For what it's worth it's the birth of some *****s doin' dirt
**** the first thing in a skirt, and make a ***** hurt
Mister master, hit the swisher faster,
Than you fever blister bastards
****ed your sister passed her
Hit the elbows for sale, yo
Bro better have my mail, ho
Fo' I catch a murder case and go to jail, oh
Hell no, time to bail hit the trail, so
We could sell mo' ****in' yayo
Get the scale no other bullet duckers could shove us
Out of this game they better buck us
'Cause them cluckers they love us.
Make them glass **** suckers shake they jelly like Smuckers
I hit like nunchukas
'Cause short Texas bring the ruckus, this fo' my ************s
Crooked cheese so crooked G's rockin' up quarter ki's,
To get the hook wit' ease,
Wannabe's get on your knees, feel the squeeze from the HK-1-3's
From here to overseas, we do what we please
Don't trip as we flip, light up a dip
I'm breakin' 'em off from yo' hip to yo' lip
Go ask that boy Skip, that ***** Bun rip
With one clip soon as the gun slip
Now I done whipped out my Beretti
Flyin' through your Pelle Pelle and some smelly red jelly
Is drippin' outta yo' belly
Served him up like a deli, jumped on my cellular tele
Ho sellin' like it's goin' out of style
You can't see me Marcus
So, have a mutha****in' sweet and a smile.

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