Ugly Americans - One & a Rainbow Lyrics

Artist: Ugly Americans Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Boom Boom Baby
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don't you go run away.
i can see it in your smile.
i think the whole world can wait awhile.
go ahead and close your eyes.
deep sigh your deepest sigh.
let your tears wash away
all the bitches on the street,
the gangsters on the take.
have mercy on the weak
and all the stolen hearts they break,
runnin' for their lives.
mama no need to run.
no need to hide.
everything you got, you got,
you got goin on inside.
sometimes the world is a hard road
but your heart is one & a rainbow.
sing out your loudest sound.
let the sun last all day.
take it slow enjoy the ride.
catch the spark and the flame.
don't get lost in someone else
and never be ashamed.
love is always right.
pretty soon your last full moon shines bright in the sky
and you'll know what it's like to be brave and beautiful,
to love and to live and to watch love die.
the world can wait awhile.

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