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Artist: Ugly Kid Joe Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Menace to Sobriety
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Shut up, talking out your ***
With your fake-*** grin and your backstage pass
Front row at every single show
But your heart's in the wrong place

It's in the rat race
I don't know what you're trying to prove
Always ****ing at my band
When we're laying down a fat groove

I got no jealously not towards security
Why are you always bringing me
Stay the **** away from me
I'm talking to you V.I.P.

I'm talking to you
I know the power you possess
Playing cool rock for the all access
Big which, it's jealousy

I see that your heart's in the wrong place
You can't follow me
I don't know why you're kissing my ***
Cause as soon as I turn my back you start stabbin'

I'm reality, you can't just even bother me
I'm the one they came to see
Stay the **** away from me
I'm talking to you V.I.P.

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