Ultravox - I Am Alive Lyrics

Writer(s) : MEDLEY, SUSAN G.
Artist: Ultravox Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Revelation
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I, I'm moving through time
Being human by design
Unfulfilled but divine
Never ending
How could I be so blind?
What is this world
Doing to me?
Notwithstanding the lies
All the tears I have cried
I've opened my eyes

I am alive
I am who I want to be
Walls are falling
I am alive
And this is my destiny
The king is calling
I am alive
Far from the maddening crowd
Playing mind games
Way out loud
Pictures of heroes
Lined up one by one
Embracing the future
I have begin

Passing strangers
Artificial life
Slowly falling
Look out for me
I am alive


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