Umbrellas - Set the Scene Lyrics

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Album: Track 12 on Umbrellas
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To set the scene we're lying here the night sky is woken up by intruding lights and the sound of cannons we drove downtown for this and we love our country just enough to set off explosions the humidity os getting to me but i'm content the insects they nibble away at our skin as our bodies touch and twist your pressed collar and pencil thin lips your smile is strained and you're waiting for a kiss that just won't come now we're back at your place we rely on stale dialogue i ruined what could have been long ago what i need tonight doesn't matter now so i watch you collapse and fold yourself into the bed while your hair it laps against the pillow case like the tide on the shore now the bridges will take me over the bay over and under and further away to places that i've never been to white washed oceans where it's too cold to swim

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