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Album: Track 1 on Ritual
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We race forward to cross divided lines,
the thought of failure is our biggest fear,
losing our souls replacing them with greed,
so called success remains to be seen,
we follow this path, a path paved by someone else,
we follow this path but never for ourselves,
we never slow down to maybe see a different side,
try to understand there's other things in life,
reaching outward searching for something else,
treading on and never seeing other ways to live,
we follow this path, a path paved by someone else,
we follow this path, but never for ourselves,
I live to see all the things that I enjoy,
but like always the stress just drags me down some more,
I face these days like an emotion I can never change,
but for now I see there is a choice that I must make,
I'll choose for me what is real
I close my eyes and I can't see what's real,
and if I'm wrong I will change just for myself
I will change then I'll find out how to feel
I'll close my eyes
I can't seem to feel
I'll deal with this and I'll push on.

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