Unbunny - Glacier Lyrics

Artist: Unbunny Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Black Strawberries
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We’re moving like glaciers now
When we move at all
There are two things I could do for you right now

If I could change at all (2x)

Well I’m leaving for the weekend
But the weekend didn’t want me
So it looks like I’m still hanging on with you
And you said that I was crazy
And suggested getting help
When I said let’s move up to Canada

I know that it’s cold but
If you’re unhappy and I’m so faithless
We could be there by early afternoon

Don’t let the situation turn
From black to worse
Once this ice was strong enough
But everything must melt
And you ask how I could be this way
Needlessly insecure

And you could change your mind completely
You could change completely (2x)

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