Underoath - Everyone Looks So Good From Here Lyrics

Artist: Underoath Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Define the Great Line
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In a deep breath it all starts to change.
Flip my world inside out, honestly I like it better this way
When I mesh the night through the back of my eyes

I have put myself here
I'm the culprit
I am the culprit

I've been swallowed up alive
Shut down
Building from the inside out
I can finally walk through the walls

I swear I've slipped right through the cracks in the floor
It's so easy when it's pulling me under

Now I can see things from the outside,
And I will sit here with no place in mind

I can't escape from this place, this is so familiar to me

I can hear the unsatisfying silence
My mouth is open but none of you can hear me

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